Information is the King

Everybody needs information. Students needs information to complete their school project, a traveler needs information about the new place he is going to visit, NASA needs more information about space to make their next mission successful and so on.


How much information?

Well, it is understood that Information is required but how much information is enough? Not very easy to answer but it can be safely said that Maximum Information is the best answer to our question. And this is what tries to achieve – Maximum Information – Max-info.

Which information?

Anything or should we say Everything! Travel,  events, news, festivals, politics, music, science,  technology, sports, lifestyle, entertainment,  humor … and what not.


But how?

How tries to provide maximum information about anything.  Well in which form do we receive information most of the times? Simple text. Text information is excellent. We all read textbooks all along our educational life. Still we read text in news paper or magazine or  website. And what you are reading now is plain old text. But we all firmly believe in the phrase “A picture can speak thousands of words”. So information in the form of image would be more compact and better. Now think a step ahead. If a picture can speak thousands of words then a Video can tell you an entire story.  And this is the way tries to deliver maximum information.  Maxinfo gives preference to video but at the same time also extensively uses images and text to deliver information.

We always try to associate a video with the posts as well as  images and text.

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